colborne lane in the dark

to elaborate on my post from saturday night

it started off innocently enough. i had invited tai and trish out to brunch. what was a group of four turned to a group of six once i included ada and hoa. and what started off as brunch, turned out to be dinner plans. and what was meant to be your usual three course meal, turned out, on the spot, as a very last and spontaneous decision, a tasting menu experience that changed our way we viewed food for life.

the place is called colborne lane and the highly acclaimed chef at the restaurant is claudio aprile – whom i’m learning is definitely popular in the food industry and yet anything but pretentious and arrogant.

the tasting menu consisted of ten sample dishes, all presented in an order that was definitely premeditated. each item was a build-up to a crescendo, finishing of with a gentle but sweet ending. i honestly can not compare food tastings in my life to such an experience. it was more than just the sensory of taste, though. we actually sat there, near the end, feeling almost euphoric – it was as if the pairings of flavours both within each dish and with each other were created in such a way as to carry us on an actual journey.

okay… let me get back down to earth for a minute and point out another significant factor to the night.

aside from the aural stimulation that teased and pleased our palettes, i have to say that the company was definitely part of the overall, grand experience.

my friends and i are down-to-earth people. we’re not rich in the monetary sense, at least, but we know how to enjoy life every now and then. i believe that we realized the opportunity not just to try the tasting menu as an experience for our individual selves but together as a group of friends who were investing in a very fond memory for our future.

fore between the amazement of what the food was doing to us, we created dialogues and laughter never to be forgotten.

and while from a glance at a far off table, we seemed like we might have fit the environment, we definitely were not playing the part. rather, various remarks were made that obviously showed our amateur status in such a fine establishment:

would it look bad if i picked up my bowl and licked it clean?

the trick is to serve everything on a very large, over-sized plate.

there needs to be a legend for each dish. like what you get on a box of chocolate!

watch out for that yellow-sauce… it’s got quite a kick to it. (what yellow sauce?) the one to the side. (i don’t see it… where are you looking?) that dot… right there! (where?) you’ve already mixed it up with your food. (what?)

maybe we need to serve everything in smaller quantities… to make it look more professional and tasty. (what? so you’re going to do that with mac ‘n cheese?) yup… in a tiny little mold on a very large platter. (and with ketchup drizzled around it?)

how do we eat this?

honestly, i didn’t care if anyone else heard. i wouldn’t have had it any other way. 🙂

the final tab worked out to be close to $200 per person. that is by far the most i have ever spent on myself, or for anyone else, for that matter, when it comes to a meal. but it was more then just paying for food – the whole experience was amazing. from the knowledgeable and friendly waiting staff, to the host and right down to the very nice restrooms.

and here is what our tasting menu consisted of (it changes daily):

snow + green apple + honey

nitro coconut + warm fennel relish + sweet chili

Chicken Wing
white corn + aji amrmarillo + salsita

Tea Smoked Duck Breast
beetroot + foie gras + golden raisin

bisque + celery root + vanilla

Black Cod
pistachio crust + tapioca nest + sesame

caramelized onion + sun dried tomato + quail egg tempura

bitter chocolate + malted milk + orange

Lavender Doughnut
nitro ice cream + exotic fruits +balsamic syrup

Iced Coffee Bomb


One thought on “colborne lane in the dark

  1. A great night! I still remember the server whipping up that nitro ice cream right at the table. And being a little bit scared of the iced coffee bomb.

    Jeez, times have changed. I just finished making mac and cheese for the boys.

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