maple syrup, subway and downtown lights

we had an extremely busy saturday but a very good one.

at 8am, we headed out to the horten farm for their annual maple syrup festival. it was a tad chilly but we definitely got educated about tapping sap out of the tree and then processing it into maple syrup.


after a tractor-wagon ride to the main log cabin, we started our morning off with some freshly made pancakes, drenched in the farm's own syrup. i also bought a litre of it – it happens to be cheaper then buying at the grocery store.


afterwards, we went out to the back of the log cabin and got a tour and lesson about maple syrup making. i admit, though, i was more interested in taking photos and chaeli was more interested in the big dog. i think doug was the only one that was a keen-learner that morning. still, everyone had fun.


after a nice break back home, where chaeli went down for a two and a half hour nap (she really needed it since we pulled her out of bed so early that day), we headed out to the subway station.

we hadn't told chaeli our surprise – all she knew was that we were heading downtown for dinner. she asked who we were meeting up with (i guess most times, we do meet up with some of our friends when we head downtown – love my city!) but we told her that it would just be the three of us and she'll just have to wait and see where we end up.

i watched her on the subway – she could hardly contain herself with all the suspense.

after making our way through the underpath from union station, we went outside and approached the roger's centre. while inside, she finally clued in from her memories of last year, when we took her to see disney's princesses on ice. except this time, she got a chance to see the characters from cars, little mermaid, lion king (which was spectacular) and the biggest star, tinker bell and her faerie friends. she was beside herself! i stole ada's photos from when she went earlier this week with her niece and nephew (i was too lazy to lug my nikon all the way downtown with us – i did regret it later):

the plan was quite last minute as i only ordered the e-tickets on friday. i'm glad we made the decision to go, though. we all had a wonderful time.

on the way back, we decided to by-pass the crowd and walk a little more north to the next subway station.

the night air was much more still with less wind compared to our morning adventures. the sky was clear and we were able to enjoy the city all lit up and very much active and alive. chaeli felt it was a big deal – rarely do we ever go out walking at night. if anything, anytime we're out that late, we're in a car going or coming home from somewhere.

it felt good to be strolling in the evening in my city. i felt a touch of nostalgia as i passed by certain landmarks, each reminding me of a special moment in my past. even a park bench in a city park had its stories from years ago.

we arrived home around 10:30pm. chaeli was in bed by 11:15pm and fell fast asleep.

i wonder if she dreamt of faeries skating across the ice?

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4 thoughts on “maple syrup, subway and downtown lights

  1. Sounds like you had a great, memorable day!I haven't been to a farm that collected maple syrup since I was a child. I think I should visit the local one this year.And I love that photo! Her baby soft chubbiness was so cute.

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