broken telephone game

remember that game you use to play as a kid? you'd all sit around in a big circle (the more players, the better) and you would whisper something to the person next to you and that person would pass it on until the message reaches the last person? and that last person would state out loud what the message he/she heard was and then compare it to you to see if that was anything at all like what the message started out to be?

(and of course, some one along the line would purposely fudge the message up just to make it funnier – but that's not the point)

i feel like i've become that broken telephone in my family. not so much that i don't get the message right – i just simply have forgotten to pass on a lot of messages that's been relayed over to me.

okay. maybe it's not anything like the game. at all. damn – i thought i was going somewhere with this.

anyway… i've been so preoccupied at work that i've simply forgotten to pass on messages from one family member to another. it's actually somewhat funny. and somewhat of a relief!

up until now, no matter how much i plead for my family to talk directly to doug if it is indeed doug that they need to speak to, they keep on telling me everything. it's been very stressful. i felt like i had little breathing room and felt simply walked all over just because i happen to be a reliable person.

well, guess what? i suppose i haven't been the most reliable person and it feels great!

i am loving that fact that i've made these mistakes. and while they probably want to get mad at me, they know they can't. they know what is going on in my life right now and they know there's nothing they can do about it.

my dad joked that i'm getting old. which i know isn't the reason for my scatter-brain these days. it's simply because my mind it's making a choice of what information is more important to retain.

is it important to tell doug about my parents dropping off a dvd storage case on the day he will be home? nope. i don't think so. why can't they email him or call him and tell him themselves? why are they telling me? i'm not the one that has the day off on wednesday. i'm the one at work. it makes little sense to tell me such things.

i suppose deep down inside, i always knew that if i just weren't so reliable, it would pay off some how.

but the problem back then was that i just didn't have a good enough excuse and would have to endure getting an earful for forgetting to pass on a message.

now that i've gotten a taste of what it is like NOT to be so reliable, i have to admit. it feels pretty damn good.

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