@#*&$*! daylight savings time!

we lose an hour this weekend. this is so not the weekend i can afford to lose an hour.

seriously. spring forward my ass!

having said that, i am so glad it is friday. unfortunately, i find myself extremely tired this morning and i'm not exactly sure why. i did fall asleep a little later then usual but still had several hours altogether of good sleep, albeit, i did dream about work again (JOHN CUSACK! WHY CAN'T I JUST DREAM ABOUT JOHN CUSACK!)

i can only fathom that the week last three weeks has just taken its toll on me mentally. i suppose my body is now starting to feel the drain as well.

i'm looking forward to tomorrow, though. i'll be surrounded by friends which is probably what i need right now.

speaking of friends, i've booked a date-night with rvx and tko for an evening out. i'll be downtown on training at the end of this month – knowing that they both work downtown, i shot out an email to them yesterday to see if they would be interested in meeting up for dinner. i'm excited that they are both free.

but that's still three weeks away. and even though tomorrow's party is just a day away, i still have to get through today's work day.

i am going to have a date tonight with my bathtub.

feel sorry for anyone who disturbs me.

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5 thoughts on “@#*&$*! daylight savings time!

  1. i don't think 5am is creepy. though, i don't know if 4am would be either quirky or fun for me. if i could last until past midnight, that would be a rarity. at least for these days. 🙂

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