after unsuccessfully attempting to unwind both friday night and all day saturday, i woke up this morning at around 9:30am (yes – chaeli slept in too, thank god) finally feeling like i can unwind.

it's almost noon but i've had an easy morning of sipping coffee and reading from my group of seven's coffee table book.

i love it. it is the best christmas gift i've ever gotten from doug. and the nice thing is that i can go through it slowly. and even more so, because it is mainly a collection of various different paintings from the group of seven and their associates, i can go back to the pages, randomly picking out the ones i want to just stare and let the brush works mesmerize me into almost another world and another time.

doug made us a delicious brunch… that helped too. why is it that sunday brunches are always the best option for a day of unwinding? i think my friend, ada, described it best – it's not just a meal, but a leisure activity in which we can just sit back and relax, eating at a comfortable pace and knowing that there's hurry (or that there shouldn't be any hurry).

to be honest, it's been awhile since we've had brunch either downtown or uptown. i miss it and we'll have to go soon. but the trade-off with having brunch at home is that we get to sit around the kitchen table in our pj's. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “unwinding

  1. The manservant and I have brunch, at home, every Sunday. I love everything about it – the ritual seems to get me prepared and in gear for the week ahead. We used to go out to do it occasionally but that was not nearly as relaxing.

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