81st oscars

to be honest?

it wasn't that bad this year. in fact, i think it's the first i've really paid that much attention to in several years. in the past, i would watch just the beginning and the end with some minimal flipping back and forth to the channel during the middle section of the awards ceremony.

okay – i admit that i did choose to take my shower when they started to present the awards for best short film and sound, but i probably watched 90% of the show which is a LOT more then i ever have in past years.

unlike mcco12 and his friends (sorry greg ;p), i actually didn't think hugh jackman was all that bad. i think, at the least, he was a safe choice. some parts were a bit cheesy, but when did his little nixon/frost segment with anne hathaway, what can i say? they won me over! when it comes to the oscars, though, hosting has got to be one of the hardest shows to host. if you can't get some of the very few faves back either because they are dead or just have retired from hosting it, your best bet is to go with some one 'safe'. you know… who can play by the rules and just keep the night flowing, with some theatre experience.

the silly thing for me is that since chaeli has been in our lives, i hardly ever have a chance to watch movies in the theatre. doug and i go probably at least once a year (if you do not count the g-rated movies we take chaeli to go see). we're lucky to go out and see two a year! so when it comes time to the oscars, i really do not have a say on any of the nominated best movies are. i may have a say in what actor/actresses should win just based on knowing if they are good actors or not (yeay sean penn!) but even then, i have no idea how they acted in the movie that their nomination was based on.

all i have to say was that after the oscars, my thoughts towards which movies i look forward to seeing on dvd has not changed. so no – the oscars seems to play little influence on my choices.

since the film festival, i have wanted to watch 'slumdog millionaire.' and yes, i want to watch 'milk.'

not sure about 'the wrestler' at this point. i've always liked mickey rourke but marisa tomei? only so-so for me.

speaking of movies, i'm amazed. it's been two months since i last watched a lot of dvd's at once and in this week alone, i've watched two more new movies!

'27 dresses' was cute though your typical, romantic-comedy movie. and 'iron man' was great!

i loved robert downey jr, though, and am happy to see him on a strong come-back. i never read the comic book but got the feeling that downey did a great job. he definitely caught my attention. 😉

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