ugh – not again!

i had a naughty dream again of my manager. this is horrible. and the thing is that it's not sexual. at all.

i know it has something to do with him being, well, a man, and having some authoratative 'power' over me. i've had dreams with various men in my past in such a position. some of them, i don't even like. some of them, i would find very repulsive, actually.

but my manager is probably one of the nicest managers i have ever had. i respect him because of his strong leadership skills and the fact that he doesn't micro-manager (i.e. hovering over me and asking every 10 minutes how such-and-such is coming along).

still… even though *I* know that the dream meant nothing, it is very embarrassing to go to work with the dream fresh in my mind, including the realistic feelings and sensations still lingering, and then having to face him.

and even though *I* know that he is completely unaware i ever had such a dream, it's just not a cool feeling for me.

i'm resorting to communicating with him strictly through emails today. i've already sent him three.

god bless the email.

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