guilty pleasures no. 29

putumayo presents cd’s

true, i bought this for doug for christmas (well, santa, actually, bought it for him since it was one of his stocking stuffers).

but as we sit in the living room together, chaeli playing with her littlest pet shop toys, doug reading the paper and me reading my group of sevens coffee table book and dance, dance, dance by haruki murakami (i stopped reading it for awhile and am now picking it up again), music from the coffee lands is playing next to us and it fits our mood completely.

it’s like the missing piece from our saturday morning coffee and reading.

in fact, a lot of the music from putumayo presents seems to fit that kind of mood. i am starting a rather impressive list of cd’s i hope to collect from putumayo. and it’s money i don’t mind splurging from time to time as portions of the money raised from buying these cd’s goes towards a good cause – the charity ranges but concentrates on the regions the music comes from.

i’m hoping to get, for example, music from the tea lands and gypsy caravan next.

i haven’t been exposed to a lot of world music and i find that putumayo is a great for any enthuisiasts of world music as the collection is of a good variety (even within the region(s) it represents as they vary in artists). i would think that even those that are well exposed to such music would enjoy these compilations.


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