returned a present just to buy it again – cheaper!

yes, this is what i did.

doug bought me a group of seven, hardcover book at chapters for $50. he didn't think it would be $50 because the link i had sent him with my 'email to santa' linked to and was only $31.50. imagine his surprise, and anger, when he got to the store and saw it for so much more.

i said to him, "well… i warned you not to buy it in the store. i did say it was going to be cheaper through amazon."

"yeah," he started, "but by almost $20???"

"yes… by that much."

"oh come on! no way…"

"welcome to the world of shopping. actually… welcome to the world of amazon."

it's true that not all books have that much difference from the retails stores and online stores, but there can be a fairly big difference at times.

anyway, i told him not to worry. for one thing, i was happy that he bought it for me but that it wouldn't be much to return it to chapters. which is exactly what we did this past saturday. as soon as we got home, i went onto amazon, ordered the book as well as a dvd that was on sale.

i just started to read it last night and am loving it!

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3 thoughts on “returned a present just to buy it again – cheaper!

  1. it's about the canadian artists known as 'the group of seven' – definitely a part of our heritage and history. through the paintings that they did, they were able to capture the diverse natural environment and landscapes of our's also expensive because it's a pretty big and heavy book. the pictures in it is just gorgeous.

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