guilty pleasures no. 28

green tea

through a store called the tea leaf, i’ve been re-introduced to my love for loose leaf, green tea.

two of my favourites from their catalgoue:

  1. Green Tea Lemongrass
    Region: Assam
    Characteristics: A well-balanced blend of green tea and heady lemongrass. A great tea with your favourite Asian dishes.
  • Genmaicha
    Region: Shizuoka region, Japan.
    Characteristics: A special blend of sencha with toasted rice and popped corn that produces a toasty, sweet flavour. A satisfying breakfast blend.

i just finished a pot of the second kind and it was heavenly until the last drop.


5 thoughts on “guilty pleasures no. 28

  1. it's interesting. i smelled it in the store and the lemongrass scent was very strong. and while i love lemongrass, i wasn't sure how much i would like the flavour in my tea. however, while the scent is strong, the taste is very subtle. it's very nice!

  2. I love green tea… and black/red tea, oolong, and rooibos. Green tea, lately, has been my preference. I just went to a local (relatively speaking) tea cafe with my husband and a friend, who we recently got hooked on tea. :)The Tea Leaf sounds interesting, especially how the owner addresses tea as a wine connoisseur.

  3. i think i'm the same as you now – i just can't live without GOOD tea! green tea on a cold day is like heaven. i've gotta try some rooibos. starbucks has this whole tea time thing, now. did you check it out yet? they've got some rooibus tea there as well.

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