so you think you can dance, canada – winner!

i didn't watch every episode all the way through but was faithful during the beginning auditions as they round up the top 20 and then watched the top 10 all the way to the end.

the winner, was indeed my prediction – the totally sexy, versitile, and talented nico!

my second favourite male dancer went as far as the top six but he was, what the judges saw, as the weakest competitor. at a young age of 19, i will always love the performance izaak did, playing the role of prince charming in a a very happy but quick and fluid jazz performance with allie (the only ballerina ever to make it to the finale in the 'so you think you can dance' shows).

here's a link to the cinderella-jazz performance: – a true fairytale!

my favourite female performer, arassay, went home far too early, i thought, though she made it to the top eight before getting the boot. one of my fave performances from her, especially as he was paired with nico for this one: – hot!

i was also surprised to see lisa get vote off so early because she was also amazingly athletic and versatile. to my mind she was the strongest technical dancer of all the women. here's my fave performance where she does a lyrical piece with miles: – emotionally moving!

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