visions of sugar plum dance in her head

when i was a little girl, my parents took me to see 'the nutcracker' during the festive season.

since then, i always associated christmas with this particular ballet performance by the national ballet company of canada. of course, it wasn't financially feasable to see it live every year but back then, they usually aired in on the tube through pbs. watching it was traditional for me. i would much rather have watched the nutcracker performance then see the santa clause parade.

it's been a long time since i've thought about 'the nutcracker' until now. chaeli has shown strong signs of loving not just dancing herself, but also watching dance on tv (thanks to 'so you think you can dance, canada' – she's also really into watching cooking shows on foodtv – a welcome change from dora and diego if you ask me).

after humming and hawing over what to do with her sudden interest in the ballet, doug and i discussed it last night whether we figure she would enjoy an actual live performance where she would have to sit fairly still for close to two hours. she did very well with disney on ice last year, but i'm somewhat nervous about how she'll be at a ballet.

the prices are not cheap, either. which is another reason why i'm somewhat unsure of what to do.

having said that, we did finish all our christmas shopping, aside from just a couple of more presents for her teachers, which aren't big gifts.

so… i decided to take a chance. i purchased us tickets to a saturday, matinee show. the seats are on the lower end but it's situated at the sides of the horseshoe layout around the stage so we will be at least above the stage with a good view of what's going on. the theatre itself isn't huge, so she will still get to see everything.

i'm excited! it's been so long since i've been to the nutcracker and i'm really looking forward to being downtown so close to christmas. I figure that afterwards, we will walk over to city hall and see the christmas lights and the huge christmas tree they have this year. then we'll have dinner somewhere on queen street before heading home on the subway.

i'm just hoping she will enjoy it. i checked to see how long each act is and the average is 45 minutes with one 20-minute intermission inbetween. which isn't that bad at all.

i hope.

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