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i recently started to use my city public library's ebook website in which you can download books by pdf, mobipocket (requires a free software download that also can transfer the file onto your PDA), or audio. the files for mobipocket and audio books are created in a way to protect the file from being copied or printed, though some audio books, depending if the city library paid into the fees or not i suppose, allow you to copy it onto a CD. however, i believe the files also expire after 21 days in which they can not be opened after that.

i'm not sure how the ebook works in pdf format. all i got so far is that they are protected from coyping and printing. whether or not the file expires, i have no idea.

anyway, i checked to see if the 2nd twilight book, new moon, had much of a que in sign-out (only so many people can sign it out at a time) and low and behold, there was one mobipocket availability for that file. so, i added it to my cart and checked it out. within a day, i was done reading the ebook.

before i go on, i'll just add that i am NOT including any spoilers for this one. it wouldn't be worth mentioning.

i even skimmed through some of the parts just to get to the next major part of the plot. and i think i basically know what it is about the twilight series in which i don't really like as far as good reads goes… it reads more like juicy gossip. the details inbetween are boring and just doesn't catch my intention enough for me to savour each word and each page as i do with other favourites of mine.

now, some parts where definitely exciting but once again, meyer proved to be anti-climatic in areas that should have been very climatic. still, for the moment where she is able to catch the reader's emotions, she is able to hold it there for awhile. it's just unfortunate, at least for me, that she weasn't able to do this often enough.

i've been told that i should give the last book a chance which is why i decided, begrudgedly, to skim through this one. which is what i will probably do with the next book, unless it proves me wrong.

i know it is meant for tween readers so i shouldn't be so harsh about it. it's just that some of the description of them kissing and how edward touches bella seems to be written with much erotic charge. it's just some what contradictory… the rest of the book seems to be best geared towards the younger teens and even those a bit younger then that. but the intimate moments seem to be more appropriate for older teams and young 20's.

perhaps i'm just getting old and more conservative in my years. i admit when i was 14, i read 'flowers in the attic' which was tragic-romance-smut meant for adults. however, i knew it wasn't meant for my age group. 

whatever the case, i admit that the addiction isn't through a good read for these series… it's for the pure gossip of knowing what happens next.

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4 thoughts on “first ebook read

  1. I read a lot of YA fiction and agree with you that these books (have only read the first one so far) not particularly well written. I think 'Flowers in the Attic' is probably a good comparison – I remember those were wildly popular when I was in about Year 9 or so at school (so same age as you). Plenty of really great YA fiction with a supernatural theme. Try 'The Changeover' by Margaret Mahy if you can get hold of it. Think it won some really prestigious award at the time it was released. It is a really, really good book.

  2. Thanks for the mini-review. My sister's been reading the series, and I know she reads alot of pulpy stuff on her train commute. I flipped through the first book to see if the writing was good, and it's just as you said—it's "gossipy". I'm a big Harry Potter fan, and even read the His Dark Materials trilogy (The Golden Compass, et al), which are written very well, tween age group or not. Writing-wise, this didn't do anything for me. But I'm willing to sit down and read one all the way through, just to see if I get hooked like everyone else…

  3. yeah, let me know what you think. i've just started the 3rd book, eclipse, and so far, i actually like it even less. but i'm only at the first couple of chapters. at least edward is in this one a lot more (he's the only character, other then his sister, alice, that i'm fond of enough to continue reading).

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