damn teenage vampires… the last one i promise!

enterthegreenhouse was right. what a very quick read. i finished twilight in three days.

-spoilers alert-

well, there were some things near the end that made it much more exciting. i liked the beginning of the chase between 'the tracker', a.k.a. james, and bella. more so, i liked how edward quickly did a 180 into predator mode when he realized that james had detected bella's human scent. having said that, i've always liked reading about two vampires (usually one that's good, or trying to be good, going up against an evil one) going at it head to head. the intrigue here is that they go from completely human-like to completely animalistic predator-like.

yes, you may insert whatever erotic, metaphoric interpretations you have here. whatever you say, it's probably true. when it comes to vampires, i can be a very dirty girl. in fact, it was the only reason i caved into reading this book. i have a weakness for vampires.

i wasn't too keen, though, on how one minute, the reader was taken with bella to a place she was being held hostage, and then in the next minute, she wakes up finding that she is saved.


what the hell happened in the middle? was the author too much in a hurry to complete the ending properly? in fact, i felt that the entire book had a lot of anti-climatic moments. from the first time she discovered he was a vampire (and how she confronted him about it) to the first kiss.

and this is probably where the movie will be much better… it will be a shorter period of time of repetitive explanations of how edward is dangerous for bella and repetitive descriptions of how edward's many different types of smiles (did you know, he has at least five different smiles? how obsessed is bella to notice all his smiles?) captivates her until she is nearly breathless, with a more complete battle between edward and james (at least i caught wind of that through the movie trailer).

i also read the beginning part of new moon, since it was included at the back of the book, and i already see a huge contradiction. near the end of twilight, carlisle, alice and i believe esme, were able to be by bella's side as she nearly bled to death. then, in the next book, she accidentally cuts herself and those same vampires are all of the sudden ravenous for her. lets not forget… carlisle is also a doctor in a hospital, surronded by blood almost on a daily basis and yet he's been able to control himself all this time.

so that pretty much sums up the fact of what i already think of the next in this series.

oh… and one more thing…

they don't have sex.

how utterly annoying. had this been a book for adults, i would have at least been able to fulfill my fantasies by living vicariously through bella.

and yes, go ahead and insert any more erotic, metaphoric interpretations you have here. again… it would be al true.

instead of continuing with the series, i would have liked meyer to have considered writing a novel in the perspective of edwards. i think that, actually, would have been more intriguing for me then having to hear it through the annoying, sarcastic voice of bella.

but that's just my opinion.

overall, though, it was entertaining and a much needed change for me.

i've now got dance, dance, dance by haruki murakami put on hold from the library and am looking forward to reading more about the strange 'sheep man' from his wild sheep chase.

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10 thoughts on “damn teenage vampires… the last one i promise!

  1. My sister (who is 16) started reading this series about 4 years ago when they first came out. She suggested that I read it.. and I loved it. Admittedly, I realized that it was not aimed at adult readers but I thought it was a good read..
    The disappointing part was when they do have sex (in book 4 – Breaking Dawn).. you get NO details.. except feathers and a broken headboard… sigh..
    She is writting a book from Edwards perspective (so I've heard from lil' sis).. and the movie was okay.. I saw it last night at a midnight premiere.. but it was what it is.. a movie made from a book aimed at tweens and teens..
    No spoilers though 🙂

  2. I also have a bit of weakness where vampires are concerned.I see what you mean about inconsistency with that blood issue. Though the way I read it (and maybe I just wanted to escape deeply into that world) it's Jasper or Emmett (can't remember which) who still has an issue with fresh-spilled blood, not so much Esme, Alice, and Carlisle. So, in the second one they have to escort whomever has the issue out. Whereas in the fight scene in the first book that particular vampire was off kicking the crap out of James and too busy to be concerned with Bella's blood. Also, Meyer has started writing Twilight from Edward's perspective – a friend directed me to her website where there's an excerpt. And yes, I enjoyed that perspective more.You may actually consider reading the last one – Breaking Dawn (even if you skip 2 and 3). It's far more focused on the vampire element and while some people hated it, I found the darker tone more enjoyable than the others. Based on what you said, I think you may also enjoy that one more.It's all brain candy in the end 🙂

  3. Meyer was working on the Edward version when chapters 1-12 (?) were leaked on the internet. She got mad and said that she will not longer be releasing it. I have it if you are interested. It's more than an excerpt. Let me know if you want it.

  4. lol! well, i don't need too much details but yes, i think 'feathers and a broken headboard' would intrigue me to want to know just a tad more. 😉 for me, i would be more interested in a bit of description of how animalistic his passion was during sex. as already said.. i'm a dirty girl when it comes to vampires.

  5. the problem i had was the way the excerpt ended with:Dazed and disoriented, I looked up from the bright red blood pulsing
    out of my arm—into the fevered eyes of the six suddenly ravenous
    vampires.it said six – minus edward, that would be the rest of them. i suppose it's made for the readers to assume that she is now in danger of all six of them even if that might not be the case in the next book. it's misleading, otherwise, and i'm not a huge fan of that type of writing style. and if it's not misleading, then it's contradictory. i know that everette and jasper were not around while she was being saved at the end, but there were key vampires of the now six that were 'ravenous' with her while they tried to stop the bleeding as edward sucked the venon out of her.as for 'breaking down' i will definitely keep that in mind. but unfortunately, i have a problem. i'm one of those obsessively anal type beings that feels the need to do things in order. it's a disease – i know. 😉

  6. oh that is a shame she will not create the full book, now. though i do not blame her for being upset, i think that she could turn this around as a marketing tool. if anything, she can go back to those 12 chapters that were let out and tweak it in such a way that it would be worth buying the book even for those who have already read the original 12 from the email forwards.i went to her site and am reading her first chapter of 'midnight sun' – MUCH more to my liking then 'twilight.'

  7. Oh my god, I totally agree with you. I never thought about that blood thing but you're totally right especially since that's how they ended the teaser at the end of the first book.But most of all, I think you're exactly right about the whole thing being anti-climactic. And that's why I just don't get why everyone is so enamored of the series. It's just…boring….in a lot of ways. There are really no surprises, no revelations. She leads you up and leads you up and by the time you read the "big news" it's just not exciting anymore…b/c you've guessed it or she just didn't do that great a job of writing it…I'll probably see the movie but I don't think I'll read the rest of the books. But I enjoy reading your posts with your thoughts!

  8. i'll probably see the movie too, once it comes out on DVD. if they battle scene between edward and james is good, it might win me over. i think the actor who plays edward looks promising. also, if they use a kickass soundtrack to enhance the movie, that will be even better.i'm not as picky when it comes to movies. to me, it's more eye-candy and a way for me to escape for a couple of hours. the die-hard fans seemed to be somewhat disappointed with the move so far (though i'm sure the tweens did not care – they are probably all gushing over edward to really pay attention to anything else). but then, i'm not a die-hard fan yet i have read the book. so it should be interesting whether or not i find myself liking the movie more. or not. we'll see.there is definite potentional for a really good soundrack. they had better not screw that up.

  9. Well, if you read all of them at least they're quick reads and you can get them at the library (which is what I did) ;)I did see the movie last night – yes, it's opening weekend, don't make fun of me. My impression? A bit slow until the point where the Cullen's play baseball and Bella is discovered by the nomads as human. Not bad before that point, but definitely not riveting in the beginning. My husband – who I dragged with me and didn't read it beforehand – was bored until that point I spoke of and didn't feel the acting was up to par. The teenage girls in the audience though were all swoon-y whenever Edward was on screen. He was magnetic, but also more teenage than the way I envisioned him which was a little disappointing since I'm a dirty-old-thirty-something mom who likes Austen heroes and wanted to swoon over Edward. Soundtrack was okay, but I didn't feel it made the movie. Basically, this comment is the long way of saying, it's worth renting on DVD, but it wasn't quite what I imagined and much of that has to do with how books translate into film, and how the Director's vision didn't exactly match mine.

  10. it's disappointing to hear that edward was played out more like a teen. since he was suppose to be, according to the book, over 100 years old but trapped in a young boy's body. oh well… it should prove to be entertaining as a DVD. thanks for your review! i'm sure i'll feel the same way when i see it as well.

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