damn teenage vampires… again

oh edward… i must admit that you sound damn fine, which is completely wrong because you are 17 years old… well, you're not but still, you're in a 17 year old body.

but wait… you're really like a century or so old. and yet you're dating a teenager. why you dirty, dirty old man!

having said that, i have to point out one frustration about the book… if i have to read about edward telling bella that it's not safe for her to want to be with him one more time, i'm going to need to bash the very hardcover of this book right onto my forehead.

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7 thoughts on “damn teenage vampires… again

  1. One of the many reasons I spent the first book rolling my eyes and why I won't be reading the subsequent ones.The whole thing just really got on my nerves.

  2. lol! that would be an interesting experiment but it's not one that i want to try. :).no worres, i'm near the end and some of the chase-segments were much more tolerable because the pages were filled with action, at the least. i should be done tonight. tomorrow at the latest.

  3. I started reading the first chapter (and skimmed sections of the middle) of the first book at the bookstore but couldn't get into it. The narration didn't appeal to me and I couldn't relate to the main character. Although, I would still like to read the books to see what all the fuss is about. Does anyone know how the subsequent books compare to the first one? If they are similar, should I even bother?

  4. huge fans of twilight love the entire series. but those that thought the first book was 'okay' seemed to wish they didn't continue onwards (at least from the people i've talked to about it). hope that helps?but if you're very interested – check out your local, public library. the waiting list might be long but if you're not in a rush to get it, why not? it's a really fast read. i was done in about 3 days.

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