• a woman was killed just down the street from where i work this morning – probably about one hour after i arrived in the area. intersections in the radius around the accident were blocked off by policemen. for those co-workers that start earlier then i do, had passed by the accident not too long after the pedestrian had been struck by a school bus. they saw her body on the road. she had yet to be covered. she was 59.
  • duran duran tickets are on sale. i'm flipping back and forth on whether or not i should go. i don't know much of their new stuff so i would be somewhat out of it. but if any of their old stuff are preformed that would just be incredible! oh… how i loved duran duran. they were my first boy-band crushes from when i was 11 or 12 years old! i have not gone to a concert in ages, though. i'm not sure if i could hack it anymore. for one thing, i would stay clear of the floor seats where people stand on chairs. by the end of the night, my back would be too much in pain. the no-smoking law would surely help but how would i be able to take the loud volume of the music? then there's the 'trying to get out and back home' ordeal. plus, concerts are always on week nights. that alone annoys me. man – i'm so old. but the reality is… most of the people going will be my age since duran duran was the hottest back in the 80's. so how are people my age able to do it but not me? how sad am i?
  • i just ordered my christmas cards online through kodak. every other year, i make my own cards. and the inbetween years, i just do one of those photo cards with chaeil's photo on it. i'm glad this year is my year off from making my own – christmas is just around the corner and i have so much to do (some unrelated to christmas that is).
  • i emailed two of my cousins yesterday and am a little sad they have not replied back. we were very close when we were young but through the past several years, we've gradually drifted appart. it's no one's fault – or rather, we're all accountable. they got busy with their single, happen' lives, which i can't fully blame them. i went through that phase, myself… trying to sort out my life, finding myself yet again, dating… a lot. it's amazing how much all the free time it could suck up. and now, it's just juggling a busy family life while trying to make sure i balance it with friends, immediate family and solitude. i hate to admit it, but if i find them on facebook, i may resort to going back on facebook more regularly just to stay in touch with them. what kind of a world do we live in in which we need something like facebook, of all things, to stay in touch with family? it doesn't paint a very pretty picture.
  • yesterday, i caved. and bought mcD's for dinner.

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