guilty pleasures no. 26

weekend mornings

weekend mornings have changed for me, recently.

doug is using both saturday and sunday morning to head out to the gym or for a run, since he doesn’t have as much time to go during the week like i do because of his work schedule – though he does try to work out at least twice during the week, aiming at three times. on my days off, i try to make time for him if i can, stressing that it’s equally important for both of us to get in a good, consistent workout. even though it means that i have to cook, which i suck at doing in comparison to him, but i do what i can to try and make it fair that the both of us get our chance for solitude.

i have to admit, having chaeli just a few months away from turning five is a huge factor in us finally seeing a glimpse of getting more of our me-time in. and it helps that my parents pick up chaeli from school once a week and spend time with her until we get home. it’s a win-win situation because they get to spend quality time with her, which they could not do without for more then a week before going crazy. and it gives us a weekly evening of not needing to rush home, which gives us at least an hour and a half to ourselves (either on our own or as a couple).

anyway, getting back to my weekend mornings…. with doug out of the house for part of the morning and chaeli being much older and even more independent, i find that weekend mornings are really peaceful for the most part (another reason why i will actually clean the house friday night after chaeli’s in bed – so i can enjoy saturday morning to do whatever).

chaeli is even good enough to let me do 30 minutes of pilates while she plays on her own. and when she’s with just me, she’s not as hyper as when doug is around.

so… weekend mornings are my new guilty pleasures!

lets see how long this lasts. šŸ™‚


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