pumpkin picking, two farms and wagon rides

today's the type of day that reminds me of how amazing fall weather can be. while it was only a high of 11C, there was no wind and mostly clean-blue skies.

we went to two farms – pingle's farm and knox farm. both were amazing for different reasons. pingle was good for the farmer's market and boutique, their tractor-wagon ride, as well as their amazing selection of both apple pickings and pumpkin pickings. but knox was good for everything else – petting farm zoo, pony rides, corn maze and amazing warm, apple cider.

i invited my parents along which is always really amuzing to me. they never really did these sort of things when i was little. seeing my dad out on a farm was kind of funny. he was going to back out from going into the petting zoo area because of the smell but we forced him to come along (well, chaeli's little plea was all it took, really). by the time we went into the barn to see the animals, i said to my dad, "see? it's not that bad in here!" to which he replied, "it is bad – we've just gotten use to it." lol!

but it was good to see my dad take long walks around the pumpkin patches with chaeli. he looked like he was having just as much fun as her.

some photos below, though the full set can be seen here -> Pingle and Knox Farm flickr set.

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4 thoughts on “pumpkin picking, two farms and wagon rides

  1. it seems chaeli's hat is very popular! when her teachers saw it for the first time (back when she was 3), they asked her where she got it because they would love to have a hat like hers. her response?"oh… it's to expensable [translation: expensive] for you!"i swear i did not teach her that!

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