random shopping

  • christmas shopping: i am almost done purchasing all the gifts i need for my in-laws in thunder bay. my goal is to buy them, wrap them and package them to take with us when we drive there for thanksgiving. why am i doing this? for two reasons – the cost of shipping the gifts alone is worth it. and secondly – it's just more things off my list of things to do before christmas time. i hate last minute shopping – this will certainly take care of that problem!
  • treating myself: i wanted very small and very tiny diamond studs encased in white gold for the two extra holes in my right ear. however, when i went in to take a look at the 0.7 carat diamonds next to their cubic zirconia equals i saved myself $40 and bought the cubic zirconias ($20 marked down for $100). when they are that small, it's so not worth the extra cash for the diamonds – you can't tell. most importantly, because the holes closer to the cartilage in my ear get easily infected with fake jewellery, i wanted the white gold encasement and backings. and i love them!


  • 5th wedding anniversary: we don't have the time nor money to do any fancy get-aways but we also felt that celebrating five years requires a bit of pamparing. so we will be staying one night only in the township of kleinburg. the tentative plan… on the day of arrival, we will try to make it early enough to hike through the autumn woods (they have some nice trails there). after a quick bite, we'll spend the rest of the afternoon at the mcmichael at gallery, where i will finally get a chance to see the group of seven exhibit. i haven't been there since i was a child and having been itching to go for a couple of years now. the gallery closes at 4pm so we will then go and check in to our hotel and then have dinner somewhere local. the next morning, we have brunch reservations at the historical doctor's house. crossing fingers to be healthy and to have good weather!

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3 thoughts on “random shopping

  1. Funny, Greg and I were just talking about this a few nights ago. I've never done a side-by-side comparison of diamond vs. cubic zirconia, but we were joking about how really, he should have just gone with the cubic zirconia for my engagement ring, because not only would I not be able to tell, but I really don't care in the least. In fact paying as much as people do for diamonds seems a bit (lot) obscene to me. Not to mention that then he could just give me the rest in cash and I could buy books, or something. 🙂

  2. lol! i don't think greg wants you to buy any more books. :)i don't really know what cubic zirconia is like in the long run. i think diamonds keep their quality throughout time. cubic zirconia – does it do that as well or can it change colour? well, i guess i'll find out with my ear rings! but they are so small – even if they change colour, i'm not sure if i'll be able to tell much difference.i have a ring at home given to me by an aunt and while i was told it was white gold, i don't know if the rock in the middle is diamond or cubic zirconia. by the size of it, i would hope that it's not a real diamond! so if it is a cubic – wow, it still looks as good as new!

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