sexy dreams

once in a blue moon, i'll have a dream about some one that i normally would not see in that light. it's always a man that i know – either friend or co-worker (okay, one time i had a dream about jlo wearing a see-through top but that was one of those times in which i very much wanted to have that type of dream. if you know what i mean – and i'm guessing you do).

i know enough psychology to know that it doesn't really mean anything. but still – it's annoying. especially if it's some one that i work with and that i see everyday.

i can feel quite comfortable with this person one day until i have such a dream. and by next day, i'll feel very embarrassed to be even near this person!

recently, i had a dream about my new manager (well, he's my manager's manager). the thing is, he actually is good looking, but also extremely funny, genuine and very nice. still… he's my boss for cryin' out loud. and while he is all those things, he's still not the kind of guy i would ever think about… you know… THAT way.

but then i go and have this dream about him and ever since then i just feel SO out of place around him. i get more self-concious. it's horrible!

i avoid him, now. just so i don't have to feel all weird about being around him. it's not hard to do because he is extremely busy. it's just that since he's that type of manager that's also a people-person, once in awhile, he pops his head in to ask how i am doing and just to make sure, generally speaking, i'm alright.

i use to love it when he did this. i felt that it was this type of down-to-earth leadership that makes work just a little bit more pleasant. but now? well… yes, i still think it's a sweet thing for him to do. but i get all tongue-tied.

and i KNOW that he sense this and that just makes me feel even more uncomfortable.

*sigh* i'm such a loser.

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One thought on “sexy dreams

  1. that is a little awkward.i say go with it! haha! sexy dreams arefun–and they mean nothing really. exceptmaybe to hit it with the hub when you can! =D

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