guilty pleasures no. 20 and 21

the olympics

i’m actually not a huge sports fan but when it comes to the olympics, i WILL neglect my family and friends just so i can be an olympic fiend for the duration of it’s time.

being from canada, i do happen to lean more towards the winter games since canada happens to be stronger with winter sports, but this past beijing summer games was just amazing!

china finished with 51 gold medals. that’s crazy! but my parents and i were definitely proud of china. now… 535 days and counting until the winter games comes to vancouver, canada! i’m so excited, i might just pee my pants.

adam van koeverden

i know i already mentioned our canadian-paddling god…

i know i’m married…

and yes… i realize that regardless of my point above, he’s ten years my junior…

but i can’t help it. the man is a machine on the water and being a past paddler-fanatic, i can not help but to bow down to this young man.

and… i’m sorry. i really can’t help that he’s also extremely hot with an amazing physic and just the most adorable voice which happens to sound so gentle and sexy at the same time! can i help that? no. i can’t. so he deserves a second mention here in my vox-blog and he definitely deserves to be our national eye-candy.


6 thoughts on “guilty pleasures no. 20 and 21

  1. well if it doesn't say that it most certainly should!i think i love van koeverden more then i love john cusack. it's shameful – at least cusack is older then i am. ack!

  2. I could really enjoy myself making fun of you right about now, but I owe you one for understanding about my totally irrational irritability regarding those facebook status updates I posted about, so I'll just leave quietly. šŸ™‚

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