Weekend Snapshots #4

i love how she's totally mauling him and he's just trying to pretend that it's not actually happening and that if he keeps on pretending it's not happening, then it will eventually go away.

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots #4

  1. well, it was his birthday party so he picked dora the explorer. 🙂 the boy has no issues with gender-role crap! he's secure with his masculinity! yeah! lol!this was a series of four (this being the last). if you go to the flickr account, you will see the progression of the hug.his mom was trying to get him to hug chaeli but he just turned his head away, trying his best to ignore her. which is why my little girl decided to take the initiative and said, "i'll hug HIM then!"

  2. I know I already talked to you about this photo via e-mail, but just looking again and wanted to ask – was this at all-timate? Did they use both rooms, or just this one? If I can't get my first (cheaper) choice for M's birthday, I think I'll go here… although I may just have to take out a second mortgage to do so. 🙂

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