Weekend Snapshots #3

introducing bumble-bee, chaeli's favourite autobot (well, she only really likes the autobots of the transformers). but to be honest, after she goes to bed, sometimes, i go downstairs and hang out with bumble-bee. i couldn't resist posing him and taking some photos either.

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots #3

  1. bumble bee is one of the original names. 🙂 optimus prime was the leader of the autobots. in the movie, there was also jazz, rachett and i think rawhide. but i can't remember if those were original names or not.

  2. Cool! I didn't catch much of the original series (or following variants), but I do watch the newest series occasionally with my husband. I absolutely loved Beast Wars and Beast Machines!

  3. ours doesn't make any sound. it's the the $14.99 version. if you tell me that you got the $108 collectors version then i just might have to move in with you.

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