asian pride yo!

i finished watching the open ceremony this afternoon. i admit – i fast-forwarded through the parade of athletes except when the canadian athletes came out, and of course, the chinese athletes .

thank goodness i was alone while watching yao-ming and that nine hear old, earthquake survivor/hero that walked out. my face was bathed in tears.

AND i continued crying until the torch was finally lit up.

i love watching the olympics and will always cheer on canada, even though i've always also cheered on china. this time around, i simply can't help it but i certainly feel a stronger tug towards the chinese. watchng the open ceremony, seeing all the different types of buildings they have designed to be green, how instead of using live doves they used female performers to mimick the motion of the doves as well as get the audience to do the same, how just phenomenal the entire performance was… i have to admit it.

it was definitely a good day for the chinese. and my heart was bursting with pride.

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2 thoughts on “asian pride yo!

  1. I have to admit I felt a tear at that scene too ! I also thought about the people who were displaced to make way for the stadiums and I was happy to see the elder athletes carried the Olympic flame on the final part of it's journey, respect your elders !

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