20 years ago, i wrote a letter to my best friend, ada, with the date, 08.08.1988 and an arrow pointing to said date with the caption reading, "wow! that's a lotta 8's!"

we were young teens who were into 'letter-writing' as our hobby and past-time, even though we saw each other everyday where we would walk to school with each other everyday… still… writing letters to one another was cool. or so we thought.

anyway… it's now 08.08.2008 and i felt an incredible urge to write another, similar letter, with similar, cheesy, inside jokes (such as our nicknames for one another and the way i always signed off with my phone number – ALWAYS – even though she knew it by heart and still does).

i sent it to her and wonder if she even remembers that letter. she should. she thought the whole 'that's a lotta 8's' was hilarious and laughed so hard, she had to sit down.

did i tell you how cool we were?

here's the letter i emailed her:

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4 thoughts on “08.08.2008

  1. i've only seen about 10 minutes of it and it was more the highlights of watching the torch get lit and then the big fireworks finale. it was playing at the gym while i worked out during my lunch break.

  2. At first I thought you hand wrote that note. I had to enlarge if completely to compare letter variations. (Yeah, I'm blind! Haha.) That typography is lovely.My sister and her best friend she has known since high school (they attended the same learning impaired classes) still write real "snail mail" letters to each other even though they work with each other 4 days a week and visit each other at least one weekend day per month. They always sign their letters "Your Best Friend" with a "P.S. Write me back!" and tons of little stickers all over their letters and envelopes. It's so cute! Even though they both have internet and email access, they still insist on writing real letters.

  3. i had to use a handwritten-style font because my writing these days is atrocious! i wanted to spare you guys the agony of having to figure it out!snail mail is a lost art these days. i'm great at writing letters. i'm just horrible at getting them stamped and to the post office.

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