random photos of little miss…

she's just growing up so fast. i know that's such a cliche statement for all parents to make in regards to their children, but the reality is so in our face these days.

from the first few days of her life, doug made it a habit to call her 'little miss' which has become such a term of endearment. that and 'cheeky monkey' which we call her only once in awhile now – 'little miss' is still something we use quite frequently, especially amongst ourselves. for example, "are you picking up little miss, or am i?" or "what do you want to do with little miss this weekend?"

anyway… lately, i've been really nostalgic about the first couple of years with our chaeli. especially the first two years.

here's a couple of recent photos taken over the weekend.


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4 thoughts on “random photos of little miss…

  1. i love her expressions! i can tell, she is *such* a character!! and yes, they do grow up fast. all the more reason to go for #2, no? i should speak for myself. haha. :p

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