random tidbits

  • i bought this gold-shell necklace and earring set while in florida on our disney world vacation back in january. i bought quite a lot of jewellery because we hit some pretty good sales. every now and then, i see this specific gold-shell set and wonder if i should wear it or not. it's a little more *bling* then i'm use to wearing – i'm just not use to it. but… i finally wore it. and as expected, it definitely got noticed. chaeli's preschool teacher commented that it looked pretty and i replied, "yeah – i was in the mood for a little *bling* today."

  • i don't know why i'm using the word 'bling' so much these days. isn't that totally, like, five years ago?

  • two nights ago, i started to re-orgnize my craft shelf (no where near completion of being de-cluttered and cleaned out but the process has at least started – of which i hope to complete this weekend… wow – my life is just so exciting). i found a couple of craft-type projects that i haven't even begun to start on! one is my jewellery beads and tools. so i went online to get inspired by some work of jewellery making hobbiests. i must say – there are a slew of talented people out there! and not those who are trying to make money out of it – just people who are passionate and creative about their hobby. anyway, i've decided that i needed a goal, which is to make at least TWO charm bracelets, one for my SIL and the other for my MIL, as part of their stocking stuffers for christmas. i may even make them christmas bracelets. i figure that way, if they hate it, they only have to wear it once a year and then put it away, never having to look at it for another 365 days.

  • the other project is actually in form of a kit – a cross-stitching kit. i bought the kit at my MIL's store two years ago, planning to have it done by this past christmas (as it is a christmas cross-stitch project). boy – did i miss that deadline. anyway, yesterday, i started it. it's the first cross-stitch project i've done since i was a little girl but i'm glad to have finally started it. i will get it done by christmas (it's not very big) so we can use it as part of our decor this year.

  • i have four birthday presents to by; three children's gifts of which i have to purchase before mid-august and one adult's birthday gift for the end of the month. oh my goodness…

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9 thoughts on “random tidbits

  1. you're right. thank you for the reminder!

    i like to get developmental toys as much as i can and books are always a good choice to work its way into the present (sometimes, i get a small book to go with a toy).

    i just came back from lunch-shopping at this outlet that caters towards teachers (for grade school only). it's called sonsuh. i bought a real cooking set catered towards young kids for the 5 year old girl's birthday, a melissa and doug wooden sandwich making set (i love toys made out of wood – chaeli has their sushi bento box set) for the two year old, and while i was there, i bought this cool developmental game for chaeli (which we can play together as a family – also made out of wood).

    but for the four year old boy, i'm at a loss. i know he loves trains, plains and anything thomas and friends related but he also has everything. so, i may get him a toy plain and add in a couple of books (to do with trains).

    plus – my weakness is shopping for children's books – i think i have just as much fun buying them as do the kids opening the present up!

  2. I love Melissa and Doug toys too! I think you have made some excellent choices for the girl's birthday. A non-fiction book on trains is a great idea. I suggest something from the Eyewitness series. It will be too high a reading level, but the pictures and vocabulary would be appropriate for a train enthusiast. Then this book will "grow" along side the child and hopefully kept for a few years.http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/Eyewitness-Train-Dorling-Kindersley/9780789457561-item.html

  3. pretty necklace!
    and i'm all for amazon for birthday gifts, especially for kids: it takes 5 minutes and is a GOOD gift. for any kid (even if they don't like reading mwah hahaha)

  4. Well, shy, we were at a kids market today and found the wooden sushi set. I caved. And as soon as my husband got home from work, Maddy wanted to play "sushi" with him. This constituted assigning restaurant roles (waiter, "chefer" and customer). Much chopping and rolling of wooden blocks quickly ensued. Thanks for the idea.

  5. cool! it's hard to resist the cute bento box and the cute maki rolls! to be honest, i'm surprised i haven't bought more of the wooden food sets. i'll probably get her the sandwich one for christmas.to be honest, i would love to replace a lot of her plastic toys with wooden ones (at least the cheaply made plastic toys). but wooden ones are expensive, so i'll probably just replace her play food and cooking her play pots and pans. then we can keep her plastic toys for traveling since they are lighter (and i won't care so much if she looses them). we do a lot of camping, so plastic toys would be better for that type of vacation.

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