father’s day 2008 and doug’s birthday

i actually have way more to blog about in regards to this weekend – especially as last night, i had the most fabulous time at ada and hoa's who hosted our 'asian posse 10 year anniversary celebration'. ten years! our group formed ten years ago and have been tight ever since. the party last night was definitely a walk down memory lane with photo albums, a slide show of images throughout the ten years, playing on the laptop, and a 'memory lane' game. better yet, it didn't take much for us to sit around talking about special memories that we'll never forget.

laughing was a key to the night, as well as some sweet moments.

oh but that whole night deservers an entry of it's own so i will just talk about father's day today, which happened to also fall on doug's birthday.

we started this morning by giving doug presents… chaeli gave her cool gift for father's day, which was a punch out of her hand in dried clay which she coloured, as well as a very cool father's day card in the shape of a kite. the card was decorated with paint (it's now almost a month later and i just realized it was actually in a shape of a tie – not a kite).

then we gave doug his birthday gifts. doug is a big fan of ginger extract when it comes to shampoo. he tried it at mad-boy and noodle's place in san francisco and has been talking about it ever since. so i found a version of it in The Body Shop and bought it for him. he loved it! it's a 'manly' shampoo, i guess you can say. not fruity but very nice. with a bit of tingly sensation.

he's also a big fan of world music. especially celtic music, so i bought him celtic tides by putumayo presents series which he loved. we stopped by starbucks before going up to my parents' place and played the new cd all the way up there. and as it turned out to be a beautiful day, it was just so relaxing to be listening to the celtic tunes while sipping away on our coffee.

i think that was my second favourate part of the day, next to doug taking chaeli out on a bike ride (him on his blades) in my parents' community (they have trails in the back part that's safer rather then being on the street). my aunt and uncle brough their shit-zu up so my aunt and i took him on a leisurely walk. the weather was just so comfortable.

definitely a good father's day albeit somewhat tiring after a late night saturday and the fact that when we got home, it was a mad rush to have dinner, do laundry, bath chaelli and get her into bed (which, by the time she fell asleep, was almost two hours past her bedtime – tomorrow morning is going to be a battle!)

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