35 and flying high

key word being 'high' which is not something to be proud of.

i suppose the main point i'm trying to make is that i know a few people that are in their 30's and 40's, that still party like it's 1999 – partaking in a bit of cheech and chong highness, so to speak.

really, i tried and tried and TRIED not to judge. and to be completely honest, i'm not at all against the occasional drink-fest (very occasional) or smoking marijuana. to each his own, so long as they act responsibly.

it's just that i know a couple of people who happen to do either of these two activities… well… a lot. doing one or two every three nights is to me what should be considered a lot. even every weekend – that IS a lot! what was worse was that they use to talk about it to me. after awhile, i almost felt like they were bragging.

after awhile, i realized, they WERE bragging. and after awhile… they started to imply that they were much 'cooler' then i was for 'partying it up' while i stayed home on friday nights, doing the responsible thing of reading a bedtime story to my daughter and tucking her in, followed by my routine of changing into my pj's and curling up in bed with a good book or watching a dvd. friday nights are rarely a social night – i'm too tired from a crazy week and it's the best time for me to obtain solitude. i save my social outings for saturday and possibly sunday – which are mostly evening of sober but fun banter, dining and the occasional alcohol buzz.

anyway, point is… well wow. i suppose my friday nights are somewhat dry. but to have some one try to persway me into thinking that i am not cool because i do not drink myself to the point of complete intoxication or that i don't smoke weed, pot, grass, joint, doobie or whatever they call it these days… can i just point out that this type of peer pressure attitude stopped working on me when i turned 16?

but back then, it was different, wasn't it? even though i had no interest in partaking any of these 'cool' activities, i still felt a little embarrassed to be pointed at and laughed at by my much 'cooler' peers of the 'A-list.' after all, they were always greater in numbers then little ol' me.

to hear something like that now? whew! i have to admit it… it's sad. it's completely, utterly and embarrassingly sad.

maybe i am being judgmental. but i wasn't in the need to be until i found myself in a position that i thought was so in the past of my high school years.

grow up – do what you will but please… i'm quite happy to be sitting home on a friday night. there's a warm bath waiting for me. and perhaps even a cup of hot cocoa. i'll be soaking in the bath while the lighting lights up the sky in the big windows next to the bathtub. the rumbling sounds of distant thunder will be rolling in as the rain starts to drum it's pitter-patter pattern of uneven beats.

i'll be sitting there in the dark with nothing but candlelight with my husband is in another part of his house, doing his thing, and my daughter sound asleep for the night.

i'll be thinking that life is pretty good.

and no hangovers will be awaiting for me the next day.

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8 thoughts on “35 and flying high

  1. Well said. Sometimes my husband and I marvel at the $ some people we know are willing to spend to go get drunk, not remember their evening and be hungover until Monday. It seems like such a waste or time and cash to us.

  2. yup. and dope ain't cheap either. i actually don't know how much it costs but considering it's not something you can buy at the corner store, i'm sure it's quote expensive.

  3. I'm with you. You reach a point where the peer pressure doesn't work any more but just seems to make them appear even more desperate and silly. I have friends who smoke every night, sometimes in the morning, too. But until they realize how uncool that is, there's no point in telling them and to their credit, they seem to have stopped looking down on the rest of us about it at least…I'll take a snuggle on the couch and a movie in my pajamas any day. πŸ™‚

  4. I agree. We often used to make the 7-hour drive from PA with a couple of guys who liked to tell stories of crazy drunken nights and it would get to the point where I'd be clenching my fists to keep from shouting "I get it! You're cool! You're very very cool to drink so much, so often, and do such outrageous, dangerous or somehow inane things as a result!!"

  5. lol! well said.we still talk about the good OLD days of some of our crazier, partying nights, but that was so way back in the yester-years. and we always end up saying, "man… no way we can ever do that now!"last night i was at a party where the hosts created a bar for people to use. but the joke was that none of us drink heavy but because the hosts had collected alcohol from others who'd bring it over for parties, they were hoping to get rid of some. didn't work! πŸ™‚ it was left untouched mostly – i think we made one round of mixed drinks for only four people last night. the rest of us had either one girly-drink (pom-tini) or sipped our wine. and i mean SIPPED (i.e. nursed it so one glass stretched over at least an hour).

  6. Yeah. And there's also a difference between reminiscing and the bragging you referred to… you can usually tell the difference, and the latter gets so old.
    Funny, I haven't had alcohol since the evening of March 20, 2004 (makes me sound like a recovering alcoholic, doesn't it?), and before that I was away from my friends a lot because we were in the states… I don't feel like I got the 'crazy drunken nights' thing out of my system enough, and in some part of my mind I always thought when I was done nursing I'd do it a few more times, but this conversation makes me realise I probably won't.
    Then again… after so long, and considering my alcohol tolerance, one glass of wine will probably be enough, so maybe. πŸ™‚

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