0.5 day off… to clean

i can't believe i used my half day vacation this afternoon to clean the house. what could i do? every single weekend is booked in june, our house hasn't been cleaned for almost an entire month because we were so busy for the end of may and the one weekend we had mainly to ourselves, we spent running around town doing errands and transferring our plants to pots for the patio. what little time we had that past weekend was spent just doing nothing… simply because we couldn't remember the last time we got to do a whole bunch of nothing all together, for a solid chunk of time.

we ended up in the library/office… doug playing 'civilization III', chaeli in her chair playing with her leapster l-max (i think she was playing 'finding nemo'), and myself, surfing away here and there. we were hardly talked to one another either because we were too into our own solitude time – i think it lasted an hour and a half. that's a long time for chaeli not to say a word.

so… i needed to use up this half-day off by the end of the month. i figured, i might as well use it to clean.

it wasn't so bad, once i got into it. i actually found it really nice to clean with no one else around. especially without chaeli there. one thing that's quite evident in my personality is that once i get into something, i simply loathe interruptions. i hate it. i despise it. i wish to sick lucifer on it and send it into an eternity of damnation.

i like to just keep on going with little interruptions as possible. very little.

and… i found out just from today, that it didn't seem so over-whelming. nor did it take as long as i thought. i even had, in total, about an hour free-time to check email and watch a little t.v.

mind you, i only watched 15 minutes of melrose place before i just couldn't take it anymore – it was way worse then beverly hills 90210. with 90210, i could at least say to myself, "well… they're kids. what do they know." anyway, with melrose place, i switched off right when billy was making out with one of allison's best friends. and it was at that exact moment that i thought to myself, "man, why did i ever crush after billy? he's such a slut! wait… they all were. nevermind."

but the backyard looks great (it's almost cleaned up – still have a corner to go through). and i took some photos of the flowers before i accidentally kill any…

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