chaeli’s first dance recital

well, after almost 2.5 months of dance classes (only 30 minutes each), chaeli's dance class performed a recital for the parents (and other family members). the routine was probably only two minutes long at most and they performed it twice. i didn't understand why, at first, but after watching both run-throughs, i totally understood – they needed the first time to sort of iron things out. 🙂

chaeli standing around in the hall, waiting for the recital process to begin.
i thought it appropriate of her to be sporting her shades.
she looks like a hot-celeb, moments before her spotlight.

here's a video of the latter half of the routine.
chaeli was a beat or two off but she had fun! 🙂

at the end of the recital, each dancer was given a certificate.

rest of the photo set found here -> chaeli's first recital

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3 thoughts on “chaeli’s first dance recital

  1. She was awesome! Congratulations Chaeli!!! So cute and so entertaining. I love her outfit; it's so appropriate for the song. All the girls at the recital were great. I love how they ended the dance by laying down and resting their chins on their hands — SO CUTE!

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