guilty pleasures no. 17

anthony bourdain

i love this man.

i love that he can cook. I love that he speaks his mind. i love that he can speak his mind and still has values and a sense of maturity especially as seen in his view of the world. i love that he can be real. i love that he isn’t as impressed with chefs that work with expensive ingredients and high-end cooking appliances/utensils, but more the ‘mom and pop’ shop or vendor found in an isolated part of vietnam where the only ingredients are those found in their region. i love his books. i love his shows. i love that he is anti-rachel ray and though he hates emeril’s show, he has respect for emeril as a chef. i love that he wrote how he would rather be known as a ‘habitual masturbator’ rather then be deemed either a ‘writer’ or a ‘t.v. personality’ (even though he admits those two categories to be realistically what he falls into). i love that he is adventurous in both food and travels. i love that he’s not afraid to speak the truth. i love how cynical and sarcastic he is.

but i especially love the fact that he’s finally come out to trash hell’s kitchen because i simply loathe gordon ramsey.

view bourdain’s blog about hell’s kitchen here.


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