guilty pleasures no. 15 & 16

grapefruit shower gel

doug and i have been using shower gels (and a scrubby) for some time now. which doesn’t mean that i’ve turned my back on my favourite soap bar, lever 2000. still love it. but my current scent is grapefruit.

to be honest, this is almost always my preferred scent. something about grapefruit, for me, is both calming and refreshing. it’s yummy… which is probably why my next guilty pleasures is on…

grapefruit juice

specifically, ruby red grapefruit juice, but any kind will do. this is probably my favourite juice. in fact, i’m not that keen on most juices. i have apple juice if i’m under the weather and sometimes, i’ll have orange juice with brunch – but it has to be freshly squeezed (high maintenance!)

but grapefruit juice is my comfort juice. it’s not as sweet as orange juice which suits my taste buds better in the morning.


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