a bag of books

yesterday, while at the library in the same building as chaeli was in her morning classes, i went over to a new display. they had these coat hangers, but with a thick, see-through, vinyl bag attached to the bottom of each hanger – four books were found in each one of these bags. the display sign said, "try a new author – grab a bag or whichever books from a bag."

it was an interesting idea so i browsed through the bags, while thinking, "if i ever win the jackpot, i would love to work at a library where my sole job would be to create these bags." obviously, each bag had a theme to it… or more, the books were carefully selected to fall into a specific taste of reading.

i decided to try one one and selected a bag with the following titles:

Summer Crossing by Truman Capote

i've never read any of capote's works. not even 'breakfast at tiffany's' which i'm not sure i will read at least anytime soon. but, this being both his first work that he himself abandoned and only resurfaced long after his death, i have to admit that this was what actually got me to grab the 'quartet grab bag' books in the first place.

i've just starting reading it and have to admit that i'm still intrigued enough to go on. and as it was written at the time from a 19 year old, well, lets just say that i wish i could write half as good at the age of 35 as a 19 year old did.

it's a short read so hopefully, i'll be done with this one in a couple of days.

Vinyl Cafe Diaries by Stuart McLean

the first book i've ever read of mclean's was 'vinyl cafe unplugged' which was a birthday gift from ada and hoa.

i loved it. it had a genuine, down-to-earth, day-to-day type humour that had a feel-good tone to it. since then, i've read a couple of his works so i'm actually not to sure if i've already read this one or not. i think maybe? but… his books are always worth another read.

anyway, i'll probably pick this one as the last of four books.

Pure Drivel by Steve Martin

so i've heard that steve writes books but i've never picked one up. will it be as annoying as bill cosby's (though there were some of cosby's later reads that weren't as annoying and some even very endearing)? i hope not.

i'll give it a try as the next book. but i'm lukewarm about trying it. it's probablly the least intriguing of the four books but i figure that if i don't like it, it's no big deal. the library is just a five minute walk from where we live anyway.

The Parachute by Sinclair Dumontais

i know nothing about this book. but sometimes, knowing nothing can lead to a very good find. and the point is to try a new author. especially if one has never heard of him/her. and i'd like to think i have enough of an open mind to try new things, so, here i go…

here's a description of the book:

A world-renowned consultant is lured out of self-imposed exile on a remote Greek island to expound on an ultimate marketing strategy to the members of the board of a multinational footwear corporation. As venal and disturbing as the strategy is, this 21st century "Prince" styles himself as an architect of neo-liberalism in its most shark-like incarnation. The only values he recognizes are those linked intimately to the profit principle. Cunning, pretentious, and deeply irreverent, he has created a marketing scheme that reduces human beings to pure consumer animals.

Corrosively satirical, The Parachute reveals an extreme society obsessed by mass consumption and instant gratification.

i don't really know why these four books were put together. i get the feeling of 'summer' when i first picked through them. there seems to be a sense of humour in most. perhaps a touch of sarcastic and cynnical humour?

i don't know. if anyone might have an idea why they think or know that these four books were put together in this 'grab-bag' please do share.

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