firefox 3 beta

i'm composing this blog post using firefox's latest version. it's still a beta but oh man is it ever sweet! one thing i noticed right away was the speed. version 2 was getting slower and slower. especially with any major updates. looks like version 3 has successfully, so far, wiped out all those problems.

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4 thoughts on “firefox 3 beta

  1. Cool! I've been following it's development, but have been too timid to try it out for fear of messing up my FF2 settings. I can't wait for the final release of FF3.

  2. it seemed to work well with my FF2 settings in that all my bookmarks and my customized options have not been changed. so long as you do not unintsall your FF2 but install FF3 over it, it should be fine.

  3. yes! firefox is my default browser… though at work i do have IE and Netscape installed just so i can check web designs across different browsers. but my firefox browser is constantly opened all day long.

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