guilty pleasures no. 13

nostalgia through photos

seeing photos of chaeli and her friends in fun, cute and/or silly poses is definitely a past time i enjoy doing every now and then. in fact, at least once a week, i skim through photos of past chaeli albums, both online and offline.

2 thoughts on “guilty pleasures no. 13

  1. Hahaha! You stole this from Chaeli?! M walked into the room when I was looking at this post earlier, and said "hey, is that ME?!? I have that picture, too!" And then of course a 10-minute conversation about where it is, and how I must find it right now for her or the world will implode. Then later on she was playing and came into the kitchen and said "I don't live here. I'm not me, I'm Chaeli. But not Chaeli, Chaeli, a different Chaeli. One with a baby brother and you for a mommy. But I'm still just visiting you here. HELLO! I HAVE PRESENTS FOR YOU!"I notice that Chaeli's hair is neatly pulled back and she's wearing a cute, summery, coordinating outfit. M is wearing a thick winter dress that's supposed to go over a turtleneck, her hair is all over the place, and she's got, as usual, fancy accessories on. Aiyiyi.

  2. i think, if my memory is correct, you mentioned upon arriving, that she wanted to wear that dress – so you let her wear just the outer part. 🙂

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