guilty pleasures no. 12

daffodil day

it’s an annual event that happens not just where i work, but at companies nation-wide. and it’s not really something i should put under ‘guilty pleasures’ because the money goes to the cancer society research foundation. yet, i admit, that from the time i put in my order to the actual day that the flowers arrive (which is a span of about a two months waiting period), my excitement of anticipation increases until the point where i’m absolutely giddy while i’m placing them into the vase(s) i brought from home. and it feels extremely nice to walk down the office floor that’s covered with bunches of bright, yellow daffodils. this year, i bought 2 dozen flowers for $20. i have them in three vases but will take one vase home tonight.

anyway, it’s a good cause that brings the pleasures of both giving towards others and towards just enjoying the sheer beauty of these flowers. if your company doesn’t participate in daffodil day, think about coordinating the event.



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