guilty pleasures no. 9 & 10

bailey’s on the rocks
oh yeah… i am a sucker for a creamy glass of bailey’s. the cream-fat content so does not make this a drink i would have often but during most christmas holidays, i treat myself to some bailey’s. you know that commercial where the girl leans her head back, opens her mouth and waits for her friend to pour that last drop right onto her taste buds? and that other guy comes along and swoops that drop away into his glass? yeah… i would kill that guy for stealing that last drop.

dark chocolate truffles
last week, i spent a decent amount of cash on some expensive dark chocolate truffles. i got six pieces from godiva – and while it wasn’t cheap, it was so worth it! it’s taking awhile to teach doug the differences between chocolates. up until now, he’s never really understood that cheap chocolate just means more colouring and sugar with a smaller percentage of chocolate. if you taste cheap chocolate side by side with the expensive stuff, it’s easy to see that one is just very sugary and the real stuff is silky, rich, creamy and oh-so-good!


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