As the world spins faster and faster—or maybe it just seems that way when an email can travel around the world in fractions of a second—we mortals need a variety of ways to cope with the resulting pressures. We need to maintain some semblance of balance and some sense that we are steering the ship of our life.

Otherwise we feel overloaded, overreact to minor annoyances and feel like we can never catch up. As far as I'm concerned, one of the best ways is by seeking, and enjoying, solitude.

By: Hara Estroff Marano

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4 thoughts on “solitude

  1. it didn't come from a book – it came from psychology today, of all places! but i liked the sum of it all – of how it stresses the need and importance of solitude. i'm having that problem right now, too. i just can't seem to get enough solitude in my life. i'm constantly grumpy these days.

  2. thank you. i took a vacation day yesterday. partly because doug could take my car into work to get some stuff worked on and partly because i just needed some peace an quiet. it felt so good. if only i had more time and a car to go and some spa treatments.

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