four weddings and a gay man

i went to see 'four weddings and a funeral'  when it first hit the theaters.

the part of the experience that stood out most for me was at the end of the rolling credits, where we were shown through visualizations of photo snapshots, of what became of all the characters (of course, as with most happy endings of chick flicks, they all found their true love).

a series of aww's and sweet chuckles came with the new discovery of each character's future.

but all fell silent when the gay character, mathew, was shown to be laughing it up and arms around another attractive man.

and i remember thinking, "why aren't we aww-ing? why aren't we aww-ing? isn't this a good time to aww as we had aww-ed for the others?" but everyone remained silent. and REALLY uncomfortable from what i could sense. which, even at the time, i found odd. this was toronto – a city that wasn't at all shy about its gay community.

later, we went for dinner and all we could talk about, really, was that uncomfortable silence and lack of aww where we thought there should have been an aww since there was so much aww-ing up until that point.

then again, the aww-ing was more annoying then people's strange hang-ups of seeing a gay man find true happiness with another gay man (shocking… as everyone seemed to be rooting for this character when his previous love passed away).

that movie would have been much more memorable if they didn't cast andie macdowell as the leading lady. hugh grant was equally annoying. but… i did love the rest of the cast. i think that's the only reason why i might watch it again whenever i catch it on the tube.

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