going green

i forgot to mention one more goal in the new year's resolution list, which is the fact that i've made a conscientious decision to become more green, not just for this year, but as a lifestyle choice. something that my friends, cath and greg, inspired me to consider.

i've always been green-aware but with the awareness of global warming and saving our natural, global ecosystem, it's also fast becoming more available the choices in the products we buy in order to more green. and i'm not talking about dropping a huge amount of money on hybrids for those of us that are not able to afford it – but simply buying a more gas-economical car is a step towards the right direction.

recycling has always been a part of our household but i wasn't very good at recycling at work. i worked with co-workers that just didn't care about recycling or being green. i fought the urge to not follow their lead but throughout time, i got lazy and let them rub off on me. i never stopped caring and i didn't purposely not recycle but my ability to remember to be good in this aspects started to weaken and eventually, disappear. yes, shameful.

well, those co-workers are sadly not working with me anymore… and now that i am almost alone in my department, i have been able to think more clearly and made a much needed adjustment in thinking green again at work. it's difficult though – the amount of paper being printed and wasted at any given workplace is scary!

i've always been good at conserving energy in replacing our incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving fluorescent ones. we've even switched our christmas lights this year to LEDs. but there are still some areas i need to work on. for example, getting more power bars as a central power supply for some of our appliance and electronic devices that suck up energy even if not being used. it's then easier to just switch the power bar off before going to bed and back on when we use then after coming home from work. i know there are certain things that would not be practical in shutting on and off each day – like our fridge/ice box, our stove, our alarm clocks and our answering machine. but we don't need our other home entertainment electronics on all the time until we get home. our digital tv box has the time on it but it's fed by our local, digital tv provider rather then us. and i never have the clock set on the vcr, anyway (since i don't even use it hardly anymore). it will be interesting to see how much energy was save by doing this.

there are other areas i need to improve on and here is one that i hope to be my first milestone…

i've noticed some house cleaning products called method that can now be found at shoppers drug mart (for those of you that are american readers, you have so many more options in where to purchase, so check it out!) products range from hand soap to dish washing products to air fresheners and so much more! and the way the products are designed actually adds style to you one's home. i simply love the way they look and smell – i simply can't wait to get some of these products!


so my first real goal is to start checking out more products like the one above that is more green. for example, i've found a canadian web hosting company that is marked as a green company with a very reasonable price of $100 a year for web-hosting, 3 pop email accounts and domain registry. they are called host-papa.

i think going green is not an easy process. and this goal can not be reached overnight but what's most important is doing what we can, step by step, but making a difference in the world, as small as this difference may seem on an individual level.

it saddens me when i hear people who just do not care. or that believe that global warming is not a threat to them nor their children. i know people who live their lives with such abandonment about not recycling or caring, actually claiming that they feel no guilt because they need to take care of themselves first before even caring about what's going around them. to some extent, i believe in the statement that we need to take care of ourselves before we take care of others.

however, how much further can people take that statement? until it is too late?

the environment is a place we all share. caring about it IS caring for ourselves.

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