guilty pleasures no. 7

our public library (online)
i can’t even remember what life was like before our library system went online. it had been years since i stepped foot in a library until i stayed home on maternity leave. with my salary cut down by 45% during that year and doug in between jobs and then finding a minimum wage job to help make ends meet, i had to cut down on some luxuries. one of them being that we started using the library again, rather then buying our books. luckily, we have a wonderful library down the street from us. and even though it’s one of the smaller branches of all city libraries, having it all combined into one massive, online database, makes it so much easier. all i have to do is sign in my library account, find a book by one of the search methods and then put a hold on the book. when it comes in, i get either an automated phone call,  unless i’ve checked it on my online account. i then have about ten days to pick up the book before the hold on the book expires. it’s a wonderful excuse to go in to the library with chaeli when there’s a book waiting for me to pick up. she gets to explore the children’s section and i get a new read. and… if i need to renew the book, i can do that online too. the library has given so much to enrich our lives and i feel so grateful for this privilege. i spend more of my free time reading these days. even though i know there’s always something to do… i make sure to make time for reading in my life again.

5 thoughts on “guilty pleasures no. 7

  1. that's so true! another plus i found was that i didn't have to worry about making space in our library for more books. we reserve that space for classics, favourites, reference books and cooking books.

  2. we packed up a lot of our books in boxes… some we put in storage. but most, we gave away to charity. libraries here normally do not take any unless you have proof of purchase (receipt) and i think, they prefer hardback covers since they last longer. we mostly had paperback. there are also thrift stores and used books that would have took them for a small fee. but i just never got my act together to visit such places.

  3. interesting…i think i better get a library card. we have a small house and not enough room to store. i would love to have a book case built but like i said, our home is small.have a great day! :-))

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