vox banners: tri-colour, floral theme

as mentioned yesterday, i wasn't too pleased with how the brown matched up
with the brown background for vox. so i've now made sure the colours
matched…. somewhat. it's too bad we have no control over the background
colours. imagine how glorious it would be to design our own banners with the
liberty to also choose the background colours, font colours and font styles?
oh one can dream…

one suggestion i did send to the vox team when they, yet again, changed the
layout, was to keep the colours the same. it seems that each time they have
changed their design layout for personal pages, the colours alter. even
though it's a similar shade, it makes a world of a difference when it comes
to designing for vox banners.

anyway, these three new, revised banners for the tri-colour, floral them
goes with brown and maybe even the pink, vox colour scheme.

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3 thoughts on “vox banners: tri-colour, floral theme

  1. I love the stripes and wave effect! I wish Vox would add more color options for Personalized Themes, such as lighter and more subdued tones. Bright, vivid colors can be quite restrictive.

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