rant: attention span decreasing?

we went to see 'vantage point' last night and i have to say that it was very enjoyable.

there will be no spoilers here as i will point out a couple of points already known to those who have not seen it…

first of all, i LIKED that it played around the idea of showing the 8 different perspectives of the president being shot. this is why i went to see the movie. this is why the trailer appealed to me. however, for those who like plots to be linear and do not like some repetition, this movie is not for you.

unfortunately, i would not give this movie a high rating because once the different vantage points were done with, i felt the quality of the movie degrade towards the end. not so much that it ruined any of my enjoyment of the $6.99 we spent on tickets (we had a 2-for1 coupon – ha!) but to be completely honest and fair, i would have to say that i liked the first 3/4 of the movie so much better. and, as most would agree, if there is going to be a weak part of a movie, it is better for it to be at the beginning and not the end.

having said that, my rant is this…

it is very annoying to be sitting in a movie theatre where more then 50% of the audience groans or laughs every time the repetition took place (it back tracks to the beginning of events for each perspective). yes, there were a minimal amount of repetition but the same scenes WERE played from different perspectives, each vantage point being more complex and shedding more light.

so as i sat there, surrounded by all these impatient people, i reminded myself why i loathe watching movies in the theatre. it just reminds me more and more (and it appears to get worse with time) that we're living in a world where our collective attention span and creativity is on a decrease.

i understand that some of the moans and groans were to do with just different taste in what they like as far as plot (i suppose some people just prefer linear plots) but exactly what did  they expect when they chose this movie? the whole movie was based on VANTAGE POINTS! the trailer's main theme was 8 different points of view of the same event. surely they must have known that with 8 different points of view, there were to be at least some amount of repetition?

sorry – but it can't get any less clearer then that, people. i mean, at least have SOME level of attention span when doing some research in what movie you want to see… otherwise, for the love of god… do not torture the rest with inane vocalization which i can only describe as being… well, noise!

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One thought on “rant: attention span decreasing?

  1. Wow! It's kind of spooky that you write this post today. My husband and I experienced the exact same thing last night. And my response was the same. I thought the repetition added more interest also. I never called who the actual shooter would be. And I usually can…

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