guilty pleasures no. 4-6

afternoon snooze
my afternoon siesta only lasted half an hour today but oh… what a great 30 minutes it was! being a parent, i rarely get to snooze mid-day unless i’m not feeling well. and while i have a lot of other things that needs to be done, that nap was so well worth it. of course, having said that, doug has been snoozing for almost 3 hours! yikes!

a good bottle of nail polish and a manicure set would go a long, long way for me. and in the end, cost so much less. but what is it that draws us ladies back to the nail salon or spa? it’s the pampering. the pampering alone. i don’t go very often but when i do, it’s so not for the nail polish (because i always end up ruining it with in 24 hours) but for the hand massage and the cuticle treatments. it’s just $15-20 to feel just a small amount of royalty for 20 minutes!

pralines & cream, with chocolate syrup on top!
this is what we’re having for dessert tonight. and while i’m not always a huge fan of ice cream (it’s too cold!) i do love pralines and cream every now and then. but i also was in the mood for chocolate. so doug solved my problem by buying chocolate syrup to go on top. works for me! 🙂


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