guilty pleasures no. 2 & 3

aveeno radiant facial cleanser
it supposedly evens out uneven skin and skin colour, but i love it because it’s simply so smooth to wash with. being a cream-base facial cleaner with soy protein, it feels so soft and silky – not at all harsh on my skin so i have the liberty of using it more then once a day. i use this, though, for my morning wash, locking in the moisture with the SFP-30 radiant facial moisturizer.



aveeno intensive hand cream for dry skin
i have been having the worst, dry skin this winter. and i have been searching high and low for a hand cream that will not only work, but stay on. sure, a lot of hand lotion/cream work. for about ten minutes! well, with aveeno, i’ve found all i need in a hand cream. i bought it for work but want another one for home. it goes on so well without leaving any greasy feeling. it is also unscented which, i find, much better at moisturizing dry skin. and while i love the scents of certain skin creams, it’s nice to have no scent as an option, as well.


3 thoughts on “guilty pleasures no. 2 & 3

  1. Just curious… why are these guilty pleasures? I get the pleasurable part, but not the guilty part.I love unscented options for all of these products, too. I hate dry skin in the winter. My hands are a mess, I seem to be washing them every 5 minutes. I've been using super hand cream from restoration hardware (which comes in a number of awesome scents, but also unscented) which is thick and lovely. And also burt's bees cuticle cream on my fingertips, which is greasy, but it works. And I just bought my first tube of glysomed.

  2. oh… there's not always any guilt to it but i just figure it made for a cute slogan/title. 🙂 some of the things i list does get pricey… so perhaps there's some level of guilt in how much i spend. the aveeno products are not always the cheapest. some products being $30-35 for like the tiniest jar! i'm not use to spending so much on facial products so it's a bit shocking for me.

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