guilty pleasures no. 1

monthly book club from chaeli’s daycare.
every month, i get two or three flyers in chaeli’s cubby. there’s about eight pages per flyer, each flyer representing a developmental level. chaeli gets ‘the elf’ (for toddlers and preschoolers) and “see-saw” (older preschoolers to kindergarten). and sometimes, there’s a special flyer with extra deals or marking some sort of theme for upcoming holidays and events. i gotta admit, i have to restrain myself from going overboard. but there have been times i’ll find myself spending $70 (though some of them are for birthday gifts to others). and the other times, i’ll spend less then $20. usually, after a month of big spending, i do my best to stay away from ordering anything for another month or two. at the least, 99% of the book are developmental/educational (you get a couple of ones just for fun like sticker book and stamps) and there’s a commission the school makes in which the money goes back into the school’s classrooms (supplies, books, etc.) and… i do find that there are really good deals, especially with the paperback books. i’ve gotten some good reads for $1.99! though, whenever i spend big, it’s because i’m buying a series or dvd. those can be $15-20 each. anyway… it’s fun to sit during my coffee break with a red pen, checking off ones that might be a possible purchase.


3 thoughts on “guilty pleasures no. 1

  1. Shy, why do you think I became a teacher??? I LOVE Scholastic book orders! Actually, Scholastic has fueled the book buying problem that has developed out of my becoming an educator. Chaeli is lucky to have a parent who loves and appreciates the value of literature (and not just because they are cheap). Many kids don't have parents that encourage a culture of reading in their homes. Good job!

  2. thank you for the encouragement! reading is a big deal in this household. we've been reading to chaeli ever since she was 2 months old! 🙂

    we would have started when she was born but first there was the chaos of being new parents. and then she started to be colic from 3 weeks to about 3 months.

    i totally support scholastic. they have excellent recommendations and it's a win-win situation between parents, kids and the schools/teachers.

  3. I love these too! I have two waiting to be looked at at my work desk right now. Better than doing actual work right? I tend to order a ton as I love to read and want to pass that on my little one. They work great for gifts too!

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