chaeli’s fourth birthday party

chaeli's birthday party was held at the same place as last year – the grasshopper playhouse, which sadly, due to the owners losing their lease will be closing down next month. at least we got one more party in that place! it will be missed. so many birthdays of our friends children were held in that place and us adults, maybe more then the kids, are really going to miss it. it was two hours where we got a chance to sit back, eat, drink and chat, while our kids ran around, playing in the very safe, indoor playground.

photos can be found at my flickr account.

but i thought i'd post a photo of chaeli and her 'boyfriend' up because it's my favourite from the party! 🙂

chaeli: "hey! you're going to marry me one day!"
boyfriend: "argh! what did she JUST say?"

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4 thoughts on “chaeli’s fourth birthday party

  1. Happy Birthday Chaeli!! Thanks for sharing photos of that indoor playground. I wish we had more things like that in CA. I guess we don't have many because the weather is usually nice but I always thought it would be great to have something like this for the pre-walking stage. It would have been great for the parents to have a quasi-date while the wee ones crawled around and explored in a soft yet stimulating environment.

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