QotD: Time on Your Hands

What do you do when you find yourself with nothing to do?
Submitted by Cassie.

i'm not sure if i have a valid answer for this – fore there's ALWAYS something to do.

"the list is long…"

"yeah, well so is my johnson."

^ taken from top gun. 🙂 man that was a cheesy movie…

anyway, i suppose if that were to ever happen, that i would find myself, one day, to actually have NOTHING to do… i would take a book, get on a bus/subway, head down to high park and take a walk. and then, i would cop a squat and read for an hour or so.

this is assuming that the day where i have nothing to do ends up being a nice day.

otherwise, i'd take my solitude indoors… get a massage and facial at a spa, see a matinee, or go to those ceramic painting places and spend my afternoon painting.

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