Walt Disney World: Day Six – Animal Kingdom

well, on our final day at disney world, we went to the animal kingdom. this was not my first intention. i had originally wanted to end with the magic kingdom but when i realized how extremely busy it still was at disney world, i decided that going to the most popular of all four theme parks on a weekend was just asking for chaos.


it was an easy-going, peaceful type of day at animal kingdom. the park was certainly gorgeous with thousands of opportunity for some scenic photos. but overall, for us, personally, it didn't have the same disney-magical omph. so to speak. perhaps it's because we live 10 minutes away from one of top largest zoos in north america. one that's far more spacious for both people and animals.

objectively speaking, the animal kingdom is probably something a lot of people would enjoy. but for me, if i looked pass the neat layout and design of the place, it was similar to that of our zoo back home… minus a few rides (of which only two were pre-school friendly). 'tis why i coined the animal kingdom, a 'glam zoo.'


there were some highlights though… i really enjoyed the 3D-interactive show, it's hard to be a bug and the ability to take some pretty nice photos. and chaeli LOVED the affection station. i have to admit, i was a little disappointed as the only two animals there to pet were goats and sheeps. i suppose they are just some of the easier ones to tame so i completely understand this – it's just that you're talking to some one that's held a vast variety of different species, the coolest being giant sting rays (well, i wasn't holding one – one was holding ME as it wrapped it's entire body around my torso).

however, for chaeli, she was just happy to be petting and grooming a goat or two. i'm sure if we stayed there the whole day, she wouldn't have minded. she was particularly attached to one goat (see below photo).

we finished the day day around 5:30pm. the next morning we were one our way back home and needed the night to rest and pack.

the entire animal kingdom photo set > shy's flickr: scenes from the animal kingdom

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3 thoughts on “Walt Disney World: Day Six – Animal Kingdom

  1. for a saturday, it also wasn't too busy. i mean, there's still people there but it wasn't crazy-busy. and to think, it must be so expensive maintaining the place, since they have to take care of the animals plus plants in the animal habitats.

  2. We were there in June and it was packed. Took forever to get on the safari with the fastpass! We cut out early and went back to our hotel to swim.I'm loving your Disney posts.

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